Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cunts!Monkey cant handle it,
need to check to the run up again,
puddle duck well Swan then,
nice downward right to left 180 curved wall and smelly fox,
Need to wax this and take off my hubguard,
15 minutes riding £12 trade!,
Fox not clearing the new years eve fairy mince height bar,
1st soalr powered traffic island in not so blackheath.

We have a new fancy flat monitor but cant seem to match the resolution to the monitors one what do i need to do?. Get a new graphics card that'll support multiple screen resolutions?. Install Xp professional?. Or something else more simple. Also since i reinstalled xp we've lost sound capabilitys. The drivers seem to be there, we dont have a soundcard but that did'nt seem to matter before, any ideas internerds?. And lastly does anyone have a pc goin cheap?. Since our old monitor is goin spare and were getting wireless i might as well try'n sort out my own pootar. Then i'll beable to blog to your little digital hearts content without having to wait weeks for my siblings to finnish their dissertations. Thank you and please respond to any of my quibbles or just to chat shit, by commenting on this post if you do not have my email address.

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