Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get rhythm/Sessioning the cheddar on the rebound

12 weeks ago...

Its water filled wheelbarrow
galoshing wheelglut for gut stretch wrenches rushes tidal log roller coaster, like a drunkard leaden by football, like donkey and carrot trick sticks to the palate's definity of a divine purpose, to find the child in the tree.
Make me whole, make me a pancake battery charger ignoring bjorks call for anorexia self sufficiency suffragettes on looming knitting circles around the deadheading crowd.
Pause for a dirty paw's clause, deep in the trough pod sodomy god's Marketable food chain anylasystemical chemical reactionaire, to make up the double helix to felixtowing camping knitty kitty thievery rope weasel weavers.
Banal anality corresponds dispondant banana gravity shadow puppettearing me back seat packing crack to go again.

1 Bushel of earwig ear hair = 1unit measurement manure demure delivery a no go service ago go
'a gaga
kaka kiki kaa kaa.
Goo goo Goa, boohoo teehee haha!.

Liking the Lichen Seiben

Mindfuck buttercup, stress relief capital timeshare property comodity.
Play the missguided sense of loyalty card.

Air chance