Thursday, March 20, 2008

Too many bikes


My brother Ted builds wheels. Lots of em, and plenty of weird patterns too. Here's his 48hole front wheel with a 4 twist and some raidial ones in there, i dunno but if you want something fancy or just a strong wheel of any size, make contact.

He won an event put on by the Trixie Chix called pisumo which is kinda like sumo wrestling on bikes. This was his prize!. An amazing poster with the girls posing fixing a puncture. Laminated and displayed in the fictional FGL shower.

I've been on a medical trial.

Having two bikes can be hassle

I need a trailer

I bought a steel frame so its strong enough to handle the weight of the trailer without breaking.
Is'nt that bike pretty.

More on the trailer and what i'm gonna be using it for soon.