Monday, July 24, 2006


I've been injured on and off for about 9 months not that i hav'nt been riding bettween but alot of that time i've been really held back by being cautious about the inured area and trying to recover. Its taking noticably longer to heal now i'm past my mid twenties and i do'nt seem to be getting any better at preventing injury. In the last 9 months I was knocked off my bike when some woman open her car door without looking and i caught it with my right arm,i sprained my right ankle really badly not thinking about what i was trying to do on some bank to bank gap and was off for more than 9 weeks, then i spained my right wrist trying another gap when i got complacent and started thinking about something else whilst i was pedalling up to it, pretty much same again when i hopped to grind up a rail, my hand slipped and hung up going too fast anyway and ended up breaking a rib or two with my barend, and now i've sprained my left ankle after 30 seconds or less riding the public street course at the urban games. I was thinking about other things again.
Sometimes i think bmx is trying to tell me to fuck off and to not even bother. Yes its really irriating being imobile and having my family getting irate with me not being able to do the things that i would otherwise do like just not be here, but it does open my eyes to things. I have time to read, draw, Listen to weird radio shows about peas n fraff (download it onto your pod!) on resonance and now i can ride my mtb around i can get out and enjoy the summer. Maybe i'll come out for a street ride on that just to take photos so i do'nt completly fall out of the loop.

List of photo's 01.Penis, 02.injurydiagram, 03.fkdfoot, 04. Frozen peas, 05.doodle , 06.Mydingaling, 07.whatyou will , 08.willy