Wednesday, November 11, 2009

when we gonna catch up? +AA&%+=/>_~{#$£"---

Whats the verdict?
Awaiting the judgement sirens silent screams, hoping for the pillow talk subsidence. Pesky demons will devour this mouse house.
Cannabis psycosis: Fuck it, its jus somebody else to talk to innit?.
Evil violent penis party's, we're rousing an ancient incest dormant aids demon. Ever hear the story about the man who treid to teach his asshole to talk?...
Withering cock molting mothra's magmma joining arms, tounges, vaginas, in a hapazzard attempt at homemaking dreamer smashing the bunoven in. How many mr self destructs do you have on that guestlist?. I feel like death and it felt me up in return for the anticipation.
Embarrassingly teenage like a drunk 13 year old,
self obsessed,
shoe gazing...Zzzz
Dont invite him to your party, he'll make you cockblock yourself and pissart the bed.
bad scene
bad vibe
bad bum bum toilet talk.
i hate boys
I need to retake my sats prepare and reapeir the seritionin silos for mygcse's and army navy of deja vu me back from foetal egg no ego ridden fly behind the plaster boarding the horseship your ladyboyship coffin bounce aroumd boombumbox and tear the nice guy a hole in the soul,
apologeece greace me south
, wax me awaning,
shoot me in the face,
kill me now

rRSTE Lego

c8 (head straght to razor pleasure by amboss for releventcy AND context)
Do you think theseaurus(?) saw us?.
im a riding joke. xono5phew!