Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

mooose yak

The new bjork video for wanderlust. Its been made in 3d so the 2d youtube version isnt gonna give it away but the jist is there. Emo mirror in the rucksack getting siamese contortionist while surfing down a wool river on a big yak thing. Yes

A new stereogram tribute to Bjork's Post is up for free download. Its basically a remix and redo album.
New portishead tune and vid. Sounds familiar.

Coast to Coast

Its coming but its been put off twice already. My old knee wouldnt be able to handle the strain from my wonky freewheeling stance habit, contracted from Ruben in the intro montage of roadfools europe. So it was a good excuse for me to coerce my brother into helping me make a trailer for my mtb. We're getting fairly tech with the design and i'm getting cowboy with the construction since ive never welded before, but they're almost done now. Looks like the trip is gonna happen in the last week of May now,starting in liverpool, then manchester, leeds, finishing in hull, and taking in every where else inbetween, straight over the Pennines. If anyone wants to hook up with us along the way or has any suggestions for gems we should visit. Get in touch. This trip is Mark Westlake's baby, so whoever was thinking they wanted in on it we still need to synchronize calenders to make sure everyone is good to go. But the initial line up was Mark, little Smithy, Teddy, Jason Phelan (but Mark said he thought we were joking), Ted (my bro), and myself. But i think Vince Mayne was interested, and Mike said he'd book the time off work when we talked about it the other day so... Chris from Hotwheels said he'd be able to help us out with hotels which sounded a bit extravagant to me but you know what townies are like and it'll be more than welcome to have a solid base camp.
Ive just spent a fairly grueling week on a fixed gear bike in paris, (more on that later) but i'm really looking forward to this trip already. Just gotta put the finishing touches to the trailers, test em a bit, round up the troops, and hope that we can get our bikes n trailers on the train up to Liverpool and back from hull.