Friday, January 25, 2008

Dieing Legend and legandary death

I remembered reading this article in dig a while back, before id ever bought a copy or even a bmx i think. The photo of this frisco fro'd guy in proper table position at a full 90 higher than id seen anybody else bunny hopping a bike obviously some time ago lured me in. The story is amazing rounded off with the most legendary death. Hes been my hero ever since, but now obvously being found dead sucking my own dick would just be pathetic and just sad cos id be emulating a great man. It'll probably draw less attention trying vanderolls and wearing neon so i'll honour him that way instead. Try it i dare you.

Read all about him and the curbdogs ere.

Acouple or random shots, one from about 2002ish maybe earlier me doing a turndown through a massive tuba..long story. My shrine to er er errrrrroblivion.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008