Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Away with the horses?

"Spit like this say go fuck yourself" seems to be something to do with deicbel breach who i've linked before. I found all these mp3s, some good stuff. And that picture titled "dirty statue", flithy.
Heres something a little cleaner but plenty of mp3 mixes from their radio show that goes out on rude and their own internet radio station also loads from club nights that dont get aired. Thats all you get for now, but i have a series of photo's from a warehouse to put up. That place and any other place like it are an bottomless pit of things to look at, take photo's of, and generally explore. I like it all dark n dirty as long as there's no dormant fecal matter to arouse. How homo erotic can you!.

Care in the commuinity

If you hav'nt got anything nice to say dont say anything at all. I like color and curves. Not the curves in p shop i hav'nt got a clue what they are.

Richy with a hill climb to curved wall, The mental illness ward in lewisham and a creative offering from an ex patient?, Teds got whops and a mohawk, Pigeon logic, too blue to reflect on warped judgements, more wax for these please, undercarrige, thats right!, slipping into suburbia, kinky peckham, pretty red pond scum, tight sub in a handy estate, estate air from the fox, I want it all, get yer little balls out, Pigeon dissection, Get to the point, do a pink jig, Beaumont beds ruined my mission, churchill could probebely do with little rouge anyway, tempestuous, ------.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Give me strength

I heard 27 is the average age that dudes commit suicide, i know thats how old Mr Cobain was when he famously blew his brains out. My gran is going into hospital to get something minor done and then staying here to recover but something tells me she wont be able to go back home, knowing Lewisham hospitals record with the old folks. I spent my 27th birthday in a surreal environment. Tip toeing around my house so as not to disturb my parents who have both got some awefull bug that leaves them groaning, green zombies, wandering around, dropping unconscious and spontaneously projectile vomiting. I really hope i don't get it.

Here's the photo quota. The rundown goes like this, Alex escaping the stress of trying to get a run in on a Tuesday with a 180 over a chair, Stan and Stan's bike posing before the super tight mini, Ted Nothing on Teddy's style 43 themed bike, ooo dat fool?, "Tom you look lost" "always", Pommefrite's!, Something about being able to predict when a dog will walk around the corner like a hitler lookalike might say when on day release, Like the taste of goats cheese will make you blurt out "it tastes like arse" infront of your French hosts and other guests at the Chateau maison O'hohihohiho!, Jungle theme'd "jungle!" ledge/rail combo, Its all about me, Barge and tugboat on a gloomy sunday... on a thursday, you'll find it in the most unlikelyest of places, easier to ride than that bloody miniramp, eye's on the prize.

I wish i could actually put these captions next to the photo's but that'd take away the challenge of assoiciation for my two dedicated readers, That chippys frankenstein, you know Old Pinny and his matey Jiminney whatsit. Hi didilee dee...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cunts!Monkey cant handle it,
need to check to the run up again,
puddle duck well Swan then,
nice downward right to left 180 curved wall and smelly fox,
Need to wax this and take off my hubguard,
15 minutes riding £12 trade!,
Fox not clearing the new years eve fairy mince height bar,
1st soalr powered traffic island in not so blackheath.

We have a new fancy flat monitor but cant seem to match the resolution to the monitors one what do i need to do?. Get a new graphics card that'll support multiple screen resolutions?. Install Xp professional?. Or something else more simple. Also since i reinstalled xp we've lost sound capabilitys. The drivers seem to be there, we dont have a soundcard but that did'nt seem to matter before, any ideas internerds?. And lastly does anyone have a pc goin cheap?. Since our old monitor is goin spare and were getting wireless i might as well try'n sort out my own pootar. Then i'll beable to blog to your little digital hearts content without having to wait weeks for my siblings to finnish their dissertations. Thank you and please respond to any of my quibbles or just to chat shit, by commenting on this post if you do not have my email address.