Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Care in the commuinity

If you hav'nt got anything nice to say dont say anything at all. I like color and curves. Not the curves in p shop i hav'nt got a clue what they are.

Richy with a hill climb to curved wall, The mental illness ward in lewisham and a creative offering from an ex patient?, Teds got whops and a mohawk, Pigeon logic, too blue to reflect on warped judgements, more wax for these please, undercarrige, thats right!, slipping into suburbia, kinky peckham, pretty red pond scum, tight sub in a handy estate, estate air from the fox, I want it all, get yer little balls out, Pigeon dissection, Get to the point, do a pink jig, Beaumont beds ruined my mission, churchill could probebely do with little rouge anyway, tempestuous, ------.

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