Thursday, January 04, 2007

The bike show

A while ago i heard this show where the presenters are riding around London town visiting various bike related things and commenting on what they saw and thier experiences of london on a bike, when they pass through Wandsworth roundabout and bump into a bunch of bmxers sessioning there and talk to one mr James Smith if i remember rightly, i could be wrong i hav'nt been able to listen to it for some time cos my puter has no sound. Is it the wethepeople team cos i'm sure he mentions germans. The bike show on resonance for those with patience and an open mind which excludes a few people i know but give it a chance. mp3 ere
The shows pretty interesting from time to time and is'nt just bike nerd stuff like this "sideways bike" its got music sometimes to break things up too, not the sound of people that procastinate too much panting whilst riding round town and getting audiably annoyed at traffic is'nt fun to listen to out of context. I think the guy in the pic has his trousers taped up with packing tape if having a wing mirror attached to your helmet is'nt enough to gain the respect of your fellow weirdy beardy.

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