Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rob Dobi

Kung linked Rob dobis photography site on random a few years back and ive been going back regularly. He has a flikr account too.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Paul Klee stole my sole

I painted my bike again, it fools me into thinking its a fresh one. I could do with a few new pots of paint though.

Some one took the bolts off the end of the green fullpipes in the wasteland/ jam space?. Need to get on the preparations for that on one of these warm dry evenings.

I like trees. Urbanium can get tiresome, especially when the humidity is making the susceptible's tempers flare up into childish gestures, but it makes for hilarious voyuerism, just dont get too vocal, they really are demented. Ps watch out for the baby oil, wallet thieves, and bad vibes.

My bro Ted is getting stuff powdercoated somewehre and the results are pretty good.

The Fox's back garden is full of little people items of historical interest, bikes that hav'nt moved in a while, and there's also a really nice narrow ramp there.

Theres a whole lot of green stuff to be explored surrounded by indutrial areas and canals that gonna be gone so i went exploring and mourning it as i went.

auditioning for naked lucnh or a character part in a will smith book adaptation. Eyeballs
I crashed into a bush head on infront of a suited mini copping and her smart fella.

.What the fuck does crepes mean apart from pancake's

Cant touch this.

Who do you recon building contractors, or some faceless committee

Hypno vagina, or arse eye?

Im no Joe Burt.
But who is...

Ok so i think i might be the only one who's left any comments on here probebely cos im the only one who looks at it. But if you look at a post please just quickly click on the commments box and type the first thing that comes to you fingers or mind however it works, less sponaneous spite and more irrational passion.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Late March and a time traveling green eyed monster

I might add some text to these at somepoint just been lazy with the old strength of reasoning battering through the pretty kaleidoscopic visuaural relating mamorie banks. Banks which i visit at 5am to pay homage to celluloid glow worm farmers and hard hattied workaholics. A Pig fucking yellow bucket.

Hover over the images with yer cursor and read between the +'s there yer get the original story, not always the same as the secondary.

Schtum April