Monday, October 12, 2009

Look to the trees for guidence

Riding in the warm and breezy mid October nights. My time is twilight to stargazing. Bats flapping in my face and shooting stars descending 1/8th of the hemisphere all while keeping my cadence, wearing the cartilage thin and jarring torn tendons. Mapping silhouettes of looming cranes, trees, silos, warehouses, tower blocks, and other unidentified lumps, rhomboids, and whisps of light through thier relationship of manuvers while in motion.
Take note. Make wild promises then self depreceation allegations for failire to comply to this pull, this unapreceated, uncromprimising playing in the viods. Avoid the drone zoids cash stash for apraisal and depreation of attention parasite playgrounds.

Spread the word the flowers whisper on you.

Which way madame?.
Fly home,
Hide and bide the tides to these alley cat hopefulls
Dont even dare to dream the power or metal morphotoitus
Pretend to posess
Impregnate all mutants and revel in your superior cutoffs
shoe days to navel nipple warts n all
Blow the fusebox off and refuse the pescatearian principles hands on.
Im having kittens!.

I see her eyes everywhere

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Tom James said...

hover over the photos and read between the +'s at the bottom of yer browzer bruiser