Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Collide with a sketchy hairy cunt

Hell Yeah!


flappable bad apple sandwiches are making anger hunger less of a tight tolarence of stolen plastic explosives, prophetic arsepathetic acidic asthetics colliding olivia obalonging to oblivion babblefish king"what a con"dom bro hoe's. Outa here, right now, this second no apologys and no side glances fuck em and their chase the pride guise. There is no prize worth permeating malcontention permanance osmotically, sporadically, or full idiosyncroblanketbanalnationally. Stop the questions, im not the answer neither will i have it/ hidden up my short sleeves or under that pile of leaves there. She'll not be back, she'll destroy you and your memory of what your idealised vision of her was, maybe its for the best. You cant stop it you have no power and if you recognise no authority should you not negate the flexing of your own, no matter the quarms you'll have with the ignoramus's who dont read the signs. sour buzz, negative omissions, viscus discharge, cancerous violations, violent servitude, roadkill grandma.
I kmow its written all about my mask and none of you are within earshot or striking distance. Cat swinging is about all you could bear to offer in effort of compramise and i wouldnt have that. Fragility of fragrant vagrancy smells like old granny cocks wafted on hard windsock airwaaambulance turbulace tumbledry down a marter mask lost in a beardy cloudy whitey dreamy olde worlde. Where has all that vaugely divine infinity gone, i'll divinate it mate, make piles of perptuity, and flog it flog it till its tired old and bedraggled, keep it in my cock colon dungeon of hate untill its lost all its shine, its all innocuating innocence, a rotting child corpse ,a rainy day cash stash.

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Tom James said...

Fucking kill me then you cyber pig