Thursday, September 07, 2006

London calling mamories

Been a bit buzy since this event, got all exited and left london for the week after. Still hav'nt had time to process everything that happened that weekend. The meet n greet type party at bond was ace as far as i can remember. I know that i did some dancing, ended up with a free nsf 3 dvd, (good work James). Obviously mullered on saturday, but still pedalled all over south london. Sunday was madness just soo many people such good riding but somehow still a healthy respect for the people going about their buisness at spots we violated. The rail i always looked at got broken in, infront of a huge group of people. i Missed most of what when down at southbank cos i got a recurring puncture , bu ti did get to see Simon Hall try to flip out of the flyout, land on his face on the spkoes of some ones rear wheel inches from their peg. I think he must have carved about 6ft to the right in the flip!. Lots went down on the stairs banks and ledges, and elsewhere. But i'll let you find out about that through Hmans site STREETPHIRE check out all the vids and pics he's compiled
Oh and what i got my bro to film while i was battling my puncture , see vid below

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