Monday, September 25, 2006


It was A fews ago now that My brother Ted, Alex, and i took our parents little fiat punto away soth with the idea that we'd get to cornwall and ride some of the new concrete parks and some dirt too. We left pretty late the sunday of Londons calling miswing out on the after party of that to go pack. My bro was sleeing so it was real late by the time we gto to the outskirts of bournemoth. We found a long lane leading to a picnic area in the Newforest and pitched our tent, waking up to blazing sunshine and an amazing view. Went into town rode the new skatepark there for a short while then found a cafe to re civilize ourselfs in. then went to pool found an amazing little beach and went swimming for the first time in years. We then made our way to dartmoor ending up driving into the early hours again, well my broter did and he has a habit of drifting off whenever he feels a buit woozy. So after alot of winding lanes we found a resevoir on the edg of dartmoor with another picnic area that we parked up at, and tok a pitch black treck loade up with all our gear and bikes to find a spot away from wardens and early morning walkers/anglers. We ended up camping on the edge of a 80 degree slope down to the resevoir eating off a disposible bbq and getting all paranoid about the helicopters seemingly circling us. The next day we had breakfast by the side of the resevoir. Bacon never smelled soo good, even if i am veggie. Later we drove to Newton Abott and rode a small portion of decoy mainly the flyout and flyout hip, and Alex learnt supermen. We did actually ride a couple of the small line but once Ted did in his ribs we left shortly after. More beach chilling and feeding near by, and then back to our resevoir and found a much better spot a few feet from where we were the night before. Back to Bournemouth the next day for a little slades hip session, did somemore swimming and then grabbed a really sweet milkshake with a "nuff respeck" from some guy from hackney who served us. Then it was back home to sleep on a matress again. Er somewhere there we went to Swanage and rode quite a good shit skatepark but i was too sleepy to ride really, sleeping on rocks doe'snt do you too much good. There was one brakeless local there blasting huge table airs, and tranfers in baggy jeans which was good to see. We camped at a campsite (for free) that i stayed at with my family probebly 14+ years ago and i still managed to find it somehow. I loved that place back then and it still has a nice feeling to it even if it is a whole lot more crowded now. We also went to weymouth and rode those cobbled tansitons by the seafront full on tourist season midday. I did not like the feel of Weymouth, just kinda made me feel uneasy, although the skatepark lookd quite good i do'nt think i'll be going back there anytime soon. Well yeah we did'nt make it to cornwall but with only one narcaleptic driver it wasnt really gonna happen. I do'nt htink we could have done it any better, i put on half a stone in 5 days swam in the sea twice visited 4 places i've been wanting to go to for some years now, and did'nt pay for camping once. We did'nt do much riding but that wans'nt really the point. We gotta do it again guys maybe in a more powerfull car so we can get up the hills.
Heres a link to an mp3 that we listened to on the way through town at 1 in the morning KLANTY, and here's LAMBFRIUTS too. Citizens of world take heed!.

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