Wednesday, February 22, 2012

c'mon lets go!

Brian Yeagle from Pete_G on Vimeo.

Riding has been sproadic and dificult to fot in lately.
My hip has been hurting and getting numbness down the right hand side of my body for a few years now but with the way life has ben going ive not really been looking after mybody the way i used to. Little stretching no routine using riding as an outlet for frustaitions in the way i did in my 20's isnt working anymore. Ive stopped crashing as much but riding harder than ever when i have been on the bike has taken its toll. Being told my hip was impacted by 2" probably pinching nerves has given me a different approach to stretching and yoga if i do it at all. But hearing about the effect of scartissue build up and pain/inflamation coupled with riding all the diferent types of bikes i do is getting me alitle lost.
It seems that if i push myself to a resonable level its good but when i cant ride for a few days after because of work or am taking it easy the pain is more th if i had been pushing real hard. I also have two completly knackered ankles. The physio seemed to think that my right ankle (the side which i have the dodgy hip) is saveable with a exercise routine but it get good then after a day of riding properly its fucked again. Now ive broken my fra and the onslaught from the rest of my lifes detritus seems to be taking it all with me.
People are resiliant though i will wade htough this mire past my waist, use my eyes and ears and decifher the noise map and follow my nose to who knows where. But not here not for the past or future not for the now but for the self
But im done with the internal, i know who the origanl self is. Im taking it back though the stangnant south and re-resonanting the reinvigoration process.


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