Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bloomin eckles cakes from the village idiom

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I usually despise the absolutist attitude defiantly dreaming new space and impairment prosthetics. Neurasthenic galaxies untie united hemispheres spiralwize reveling in the unraveling of prophetic paisley profiteers. So its with a thorn in my side that i find a conceptual idea visualization breaking such fluxus like so many bales of flax. Bare with me, get nudey booby. im getting a chill, goose pimples and nipple erections for that unit... on the go. I digress.
Take my 2dimentional bicycle meanderings and prehaps intensity, (not cadence fuck that plethora of penis to the magazine recycleing bin). Trajectory, detours, doublebacks, alpha and beta waves graph it up assign medical boardroom standard pie chart color and outlay it vein like tentatively, exponentially reaching, growing, creeping.... oh bore off you snail trail. Sounds like viral networking to me. Its reverbarations feel especially decrepit since the molten moments smashed the decorum memorandum moratorium so spectacularly today splaterring sunrays sideways upways downways and diagonalways.
Another cataclysm of cascading coincidences brought us Lewis Floyd Henry's talents in sequence and headroom. Listen to the above,whlst on the Roam.

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