Friday, November 28, 2008

You should be ashamed of yourself

1.Fire doesnt bother the whales neither does the rain or the lack of bridges. So burn any you come across and make build youre own if being fluid bores you. Thats bridges not whales
4. Dont question a double negative distractionary dickhead dictaphone dictionary reverse psychology avoidance hooray sly dog basically a cunt thief retaliation forced to watch kickboxer not la antenna fungi hating scum and nil by mouth regalize the need to party fucks.
5. I loved naked.
6.Interview the brainiacs down the lobster phone so youre not charmed schmoosed into jelly butternuts information reading plastic subjective neutralitys. Remember you have your own imagination so reality shocks the socks off those lizard tounged fuckers
8. Today numbers have only a random relationship to photos.

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