Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Have these kids not had close freinds burn that brightly and extinquish themselves?.

I can feel the swathes of fractal motion in the air. I'd know if i'd been spiked, its just there, hanging around like death at a crash scene. So is Acid fashionable?, come full circle?. I'd like to get hold of some but...if you mention to a non acid freak that you've taken some recently they'll usually look at you like some kind of contemptible crazy loon. Like a zombie kid that might lash out at any second because who knows the kind of ethos they're bargaining with in there, best to keep you're distance and alienate them till they come crawling back up the social ladder, clods and distemper polished by a decade of white bleaching grey matter back from the PsychoDeLick rainbow circus to the monotone mundane washboard and mangle me placid, neutral, sterilized and childproof.


Too freaked out, twitching in the grip of acid frenzy/stupor/ agonizing frustration at not being able to communicate with the alien and robotic nature they'll dub the man, that your 1 dimensional snipes and quips abound around fellow cosmonauts unrealities that got snagged on the burrs of an acid casulties aurora boring phallusly deeper than the puddle you were born in.

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