Tuesday, August 21, 2007

lost property

Kev Garwood has gotten a new Lifecycle Shirt design done in these three colors go here.
My brother Ted likes to get wasted and ride around all over london in the early hours crashing into stuff and loosing bikes. Well he might not like it but he does it anyway. This time he lost his bmx. He doesnt know where he lost it prehaps somewhere near Wapping?. If you know anyone who has it let him know so he can get it back. As you might beable to see form the pic is pretty well deacked out with profile ss hubs profile gas pedals and his custom redwine powder coating on the hawk frame standard race forks, oddyssey cranks and civilian bars. It alaso has a distinctive seatpost with a large alloy rail and top of post clamp thing to use with a regular post. Keep an eye out in london, prob brick lane on a sunday, specifically.

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