Friday, March 30, 2007

I dare you to grow a beard

The cheese has melted

Its been a fair old passage of time since my last entry in this our mirror for all things inexplicably over looked through the pace and frippery denoted by this ever expanding utopia formed around miniature bicycles, a microcosmos if you like and to converse on such matters is to dash it across the miasma as a droplet of Natalie’s urine diluted in the plash (a ye olde Englishe worlde worde fore ye locale swimmingy hole/lake ore some fabledy expanse ofe liquide mucke) quaint? Fuck yeah!
Unconscious losses of appointed synapse spasms aside (and unmorned losses of embarrestors), lets cut to the crush and make questionable and down right opaque excuses for the lacking content over the past err month. A wondrous sound of Spanish silence that renders inaudible the drunken fumblings in the bunk above, making drunken randy German girls positively clingy. More on that hat in a future episode, when there is less chance of making a science experiment of Paul Daniels flopsy. Debbie would not be happy, on second thoughts perhaps flopsys appendages could be siphoned for a secret Debbie incubation, that may make her a happy bunny but what of the consequences of genetically enhanced embryos with the combined power of two skilled conjurers with the ineptness and dick dastardly sophistication with a judge bearing silver crosses, Victoria kisses and death stars as rewards to fuel the mutley in the crew. Is that you mother youre looking a little peaky.

Compostion mm hmm, lapels, tails, squeetch the shite doobies & poojetsom from the colon estuary and shake out the trouser leg with enough vigor to pass the sock mantle:

Idyllic frippancys

I've been redressing the karmic balance and my one at Lloyds bank by braking my payed labor fast which involves stabbing at the bubbling morphed layered poisons crusted precivilised flying rats feaces, mortar consisting of the bones, muscle fiber, sinew, threadbare tattered rags & comically worn brows of the poor souls that were whipped (by their yet to be visually constructed one and only top hatted insect that is Mr. Jiminney Cricket ,alias professor Chiswick as Mr. EYEBALLS! aka'ed him) to labouriorialisaly lay these now eroded to the consistency of oaty good flapjack bricks.
A vast array of superior glass optics backed by variations on the technique of recording a visual representation of time were in attendance during those balmy 7 days in another of Europe’s capital cities and a suitably energized crew were making good of the fresh surroundings rendering meandering loose loosening emo hawkwye compositions hiding from their own shadows by the strong low lights regular inanimate. Brain training is for wimps and wisps in through the willow branches back to blighty and this slog that couldn’t be going any worse. Though the spirit of the war effort lingers in these arches and for the future economy and for the greater good I will white wash and quash a quandary of beardless empathetic station.

This cold old man munching on a lunch of vile monkey bile serum & goose liver pate

Water biscuits and mental hospital blue bars lead me to believe that you are at a vulnerable juncture in you’re delusions. You find a fork in the cheese, and not a scraping smear of brie, you know the fat one from neighbors, or the Goggle box Ginger one that has that kinda tweak to her, a kinda hypertensive state that too much base will give you...Shuddery, resonate tremble. I know im sposed to lean into it but im sure that the natural response is to recoil from predators and other oppressive and soul stealing activity activists and besides this is certainly not a great height a plateau or any thinning of the air area or vertigo inducing state. The cracks are not to be studied today kill them twice and don’t look back she'll forgive you for it and maybe another mother might understand the predicament that you've found yourself pretty Polly.

Marvin Suicide

Late lunch with out to lunch

foetus fun
leering leary

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