Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chrise's Photo's

Mike Emde took us to this guys front yard ramp set in some bit if pine forest. He travelled around showing us spots and shot a few pics along the way. Here are just a few. For more check out
Yes he has trails in his backyard too, lucky dude. Thanks again for letting us hangout, ride and eat at your place, you know we'll stop by if were in town again.

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Alex said...

Hey Tom. Couldnt find an email for you and i lost your putting on another video night in that pub in kingston(the mill)near where your bro lives! we're going to show the new barend video and hopefully the new shook vid! Be good to see ya there! its going to be on thursday 21st Dec.first vids on around 9. hope you can come down and your all well n good! --- Alex (