Monday, February 13, 2006

The Matt Jenkins avon sub front end session

Coke is shite turns you into an overconfident dickhead, and it seems like almost everyone does it, its well expensive too. Jenkins aint no cokehead

What is this thing from the urathane moving units project doing at the side of the road in ...south london a good couple of miles from southbank.

Hmm yeah great stuff it was ineviatble all the local schools are to be combined and all that divides them is the playing field above and st joes itself, i'd kinda let it go to ruin since the college had left an entrance from stjoes into their playground so all the "students" would just walk over the jumps as a shortcut. I was fighting a loosing battle and we had a pretty good run of things 6 good years of messing around down there. By myself for a major portion of that time to be honest but all that have put in time down there and ridden it will be sore to see it go i'm sure. Last summer was probebly when it was most active ridingwize with barbecues for quite a few sundays, anyway onwards and upwards lets get other spots running eh?.

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